Animal Care & Management Insuar

The companion animal sector employs more than 30,000 people and generates $4.2 billion in annual turnover (2002-2003 figures), and is a growing industry. This sector includes animal welfare, local councils and port authority's as well as pet products retailers, groomers, boarding kennels, pet food and accessories manufacturing and vet nurses.  It is an area growing in importance as the impact of animal welfare and behaviour is better understood.  Industry sectors are animal control and regulation, animal technology, captive animals, companion animal services, veterinary nursing.
There are many interesting and rewarding careers in Animal Care & Management. Persons interested in pursuing a career in the industry can choose to work in any of the following key industry sectors:
  • Animal control and regulation
  • Animal technology
  • Captive animals
  • Companion animals services
  • Veterinary nursing

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