Conservation & Land Managementnsuar

Conservation & Land Management includes the environmental issues of land care, salinity and water management. Looking after Australia's forests, bushland, grasslands, wetlands, coastal and other natural areas requires an understanding of how ecosystems work. Biodiversity values, soils and erosion control, revegetation and restoration, mapping, pest plants and animals, and the impact of the ever increasing human demands placed on natural resources.  Environmental issues are critital for the future of rural and related industries. National priorities for environmental threats highlight the importance now placed on land management skills and capabilities.
Industry sectors are community coordination and facilitation, conservation earthworks, indigenous land management, natural area restoration, vertebrate pest management, weed management, lands, parks and wildlife
The Conservation & Land Management industry offers a diverse and interesting range of rewarding career opportunities. People wishing to pursue a career in the industry can choose to work in any of the following key industry sectors:
  • Conservation earthworks
  • Community coordination and facilitation
  • Indigenous land management
  • Lands, parks and wildlife
  • Natural area restoration
  • Vertebrate pest management
  • Weed management

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