Conservation & Land Managementnsuar

Conservation & Land Management is the maintenance and restoration of the natural environment. It includes Indigenous land and sea management, management of parks and reserves, natural resource management, 'landcare' and mine-site rehabilitation. 
The impacts of human demands from agriculture, mining, recreation and tourism continue to make environmental issues a critical national priority.
Looking after Australia's forests, bushlands, grasslands, wetlands and marine & coastal areas requires an understanding of how ecosystems work, biodiversity values, soil management, erosion control, revegetation, mapping, and pest plant & animal controls. 
The Conservation & Land Management industry offers a diverse and interesting range of rewarding career opportunities. However organisations are highly dependent on government funding and community support, especially through volunteers. Much work is undertaken by volunteers and entry into employment is often via this pathway. Jobs in the industry include: 
  • Conservation officer
  • Community engagement coordinator
  • Indigenous ranger
  • Lands, parks and wildlife officer
  • Environmentalist
  • Pest and Weed controller

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