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Have your say!

Growing Skills for Industry

Our main job is to advise the WA government on the skill and workforce needs of our industries.  

So, we need you to have your say!


We need your feedback to help shape the future workforce of WA.  We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas to improve the skills of your workforce. 

  • What do you think is needed to improve the skills of your industry?

  • Have you found it difficult finding the right staff member and do you think there are skill shortages?

  • Have you found it difficult accessing quality training?

  • If you are an training provider, what do you think is needed to improve qualifications? 

We are working closely with the WA Government and these are the things we need to tell them.   

So Have Your Say and let us know your thoughts about how to improve the skills of your industry.  

Have your Say!

Thanks for submitting!

By the way, we may contact you for further information.  We will not pass on your details to other parties without your permission.   

Recent contributions received:

"We find it really difficult to get experienced log truck drivers.  Some drivers think that because they've driven trucks up in the mines, that they know how to drive log trucks.  But it is a different skill all together, particularly in the loading and unloading of the logs".

"I want to know where my apprentice is up to at TAFE, so I can make sure that it connects a bet better with what he's doing in our workshop.  At the moment it's all a bit ad hoc. 

"Our clients are telling us that we need to deliver more content on environmental sustainability.  They believe that there needs to be more training on the use of finite resources, energy and water consumption, and safe disposal of waste.  They are saying that their workers need to be upskilled in these areas but the current training package doesn't focus on this to the degree that they are saying they need".

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