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Our Sectors

Amenity Horticulture

Includes the establishment and maintenance of plants, gardens, parks, turf, trees and landscaping, especially in the urban environment. Activity levels are largely dependent upon urban and commercial property growth. Production horticulture is included in Rural production

Animal Care & Management

This sector incorporates all aspects of the breeding, health and welfare of domestic and wild animals. It includes veterinary services, pet grooming, companion and assistance animals, exhibited animals, and animal rescue. Recreational and racing activities involving animals, such as horses and dogs, are covered by Future Now ITC.

Conservation & Land Management

Involves the preservation, protection or restoration of the natural environment and wildlife. It includes landcare, wetlands management, marine conservation, environmental management, and mine-site rehabilitation. Much activity is through Indigenous Ranger, Natural Resource Management and Landcare groups.

Food & Beverage

This diverse industry sector includes red meat, pork and chicken processing; wine and beverage manufacture; dairy product processing; and bread and pastry baking. Strong and growing demand for food, especially premium foods, in Australia and Asia are strong drivers of new and healthy products. Food processing is central to the growth and sustainability of the agriculture, wholesale and retail, and tourism and hospitality sectors

Forest & Forest Products

Involves the growing, managing and processing of trees to produce timber products.  Jobs in the industry includes forest growing and management; harvesting and haulage; timber and wood processing and timber building solutions.  WA softwood plantations such as pine are processed into pine timber for the construction industry, laminated veneer and particle board.  Pine is also used for power poles.  Native timbers are mainly used for high end products such as flooring and furniture.   


This sector covers a diverse number of areas including the manufacturing of furniture and furnishings; kitchens, cabinets, windows, doors, flooring and picture framing.  Jobs in this sector include cabinet makers, upholsterers, glaziers, furniture makers, designers, fabricators, machinists, production managers.   WA businesses provide services to both the commercial and domestic construction industries.   

Rural Production

Covers all forms of agricultural and horticultural production including: broadacre farming and cropping; fruit and vegetable growing; livestock breeding and farming; pastoral stations; dairy production; wool harvesting; and turf, plant and tree production. This sector has a high proportion of family-owned and managed businesses.


This sector covers organisations engaged in: commercial fishing; onshore and offshore aquaculture; fisheries compliance; and seafood processing and distribution. Sustainable fishery management practices and strong demand for product indicate strong growth potential for aquaculture

Textiles Clothing & Allied Services

The Textiles, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) industry can be grouped into three broad areas:  textile production and manufacturing, such as cotton and wool production, clothing and footwear production and services to the TCF industry such as designers, dry-cleaning and laundry.  This sector also covers the manufacturing of specialised textile products such as canvas and sails.   In WA, we have a healthy industry providing all ranges of clothing production from high-end apparel, wedding dresses to uniforms.  

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