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What are Apprenticeships and Traineeships?

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Both are formalised, employment-based, training arrangements that combine real work with study for a qualification. Learning is through a combination of off and on the job training. As well as working with and receiving on the job training from an employer, apprentices and trainees participate in training and assessment through a Registered Training Organisation (such as a TAFE).


Traineeships are the same as Apprenticeships, although they tend to cover newer occupations, be shorter and have different Industrial Award provisions.

What can apprenticeships do for your business?

A growing number of businesses use apprenticeships to:

  • train future workers and supervisors

  • develop productive workers in a short space of time

  • recognise and build on the skills of existing workers

  • train new staff to do things the way the business does

  • develop loyal and motivated employees

  • create employment opportunities for young people in the local community.

What are the requirements?
  • Can be done by anyone who is of working age. They can be undertaken full-time or part-time (usually at least 15 hours per week) and can often be undertaken by school students;

  • Cannot be done on a casual employment basis. Traineeships require a commitment to ongoing employment for the duration of the training contract. But they can be completed early if all parties agree;

  • Need to be underpinned by a formal Industrial Arrangement (eg Award) for pay and conditions; and 

  • Require a skilled workplace supervisor and on the job trainer. The on-the-job trainer doesn't have to be qualified but they do need to be reasonably skilled.

What is available?

There are over 800 apprenticeships and traineeship available in WA. An Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider can assist you find the right one.


Apprenticeships and Traineeships must be approved by the WA Minister for Training. The Register of Class A and B qualifications is the easiest way to search for them. All apprenticeships and Traineeships are underpinned by a nationally recognised qualification. You can find out more about a Qualification and the Units of Competency by using the ‘quick search’ function at



The WA Government subsides the training of new employee Traineeships, all apprenticeships and some existing worker Traineeships. Student fees, that are usually met by the employer, are payable.


For an employee who has been with the business for less than 3 months full time (or 12 months part time), the costs of a Level 2 Traineeship may be around $1500.  For a Level 3 Traineeship they might be around $2300 and for an apprenticeship they are likely to be around $3500.


The WA Government provides employer Incentives of around $2100 for Level 2 trainees who satisfy Australian residency requirements and, at commencement, have been employed by the business for less than 3 months full time (or 12 months part time). Employers outside the Metropolitan area may also qualify for $1250 from the Australian Government.


The WA Government provides employer Incentives of around $2100 to $4200 for Level 3 trainees who satisfy Australian residency requirements and, at commencement, have been employed by the business for less than 3 months full time (or 12 months part time). The Australian Government may also provide incentives of around $4000.


A new employee is one that has not been employed for more than 3 months full time or 12 months part time. New employee trainees completing a training contract are eligible to progress to a higher-level Traineeship with the same employer but must enter into the new Training Contract within three months of the completion date of the first Traineeship.


Interested in employing an apprentice?

Australian Apprenticeships Support Network providers (AASNs) are contracted by the Australian Government to support employers, help find apprentices and trainees, undertake the Training Contract signup and registration and administer any Australian Government Employer Incentive payments.


In WA, contact any one of the following for help, advice on incentives or to arrange signup:


Need some further assistance?

The FFTITC team is very knowledgeable about apprenticeships and traineeships.  Please click here to see how we can help you and then give us a call on 08 9361 2800.

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