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The Forestry sector has undergone significant change and renewal in the past 20 years resulting in a mature and sophisticated industry. The sector is charged with maintaining ecologically sustainable practices whilst at the same time managing plantation and farm forestry timbers that generate local employment. Exciting developments in the industry including using by-products from harvesting to meet renewable energy targets will continue to sustain the industry for many years to come.
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The Forestry sector offers a diverse and interesting range of rewarding career opportunities. People wishing to pursue a career in the industry can choose to work in any of the following key industry sectors:


  • Cultivator

  • Engineered Timber Products technician

  • Forester

  • Mobile equipment operator

  • Pulp and paper production operator

  • Timber production technician

  • Timber products manufacturer



The Forest Growing and Management sector is all about tendering and managing the renewable resource of trees. A working in this sector could expect to be involved in collecting and propagating seeds, pruning and fertilising seeds, controlling weeds and pests, measuring tree growth, planning planting cycles, planning fire reduction programs and timber harvesting as well as managing forest development.


Engineered Timber Products Technician

The Wood Panel, Board Production and Manufacturing sector specialises in wood veneers and laminating, the making of particle board, medium density fibre and plywood. Workers in this sector will work with high-tech machinery and could expect to be involved in producing veneer, laminating boards, machining panels and the heat treatment of boards. There are also opportunities for Electricians, Fitters and Boiler operators in this sector.



Professional Foresters are central to addressing issues to the future of our environment and regional economies. Someone working in this sector could be employed by a State or Federal government agency, developing policies or engaging with stakeholders in regard to the management of native forests for conservation, the management of forested landscapes for environmental services, the development of new forms of forestry and forest industries to address land degradation or the restoration of landscapes to help farmers enhance and diversify their incomes.


Mobile Equipment Operator

Harvesting and haulage is about felling trees and taking them to the sawmill. A worker in this sector could expect to operate machinery such as skidders, dozers, feller bunchers, chippers, mechanical harvesters, excavators and loaders as well as smaller items such as chainsaws. The skills gained in this sector are  transferrable to many other equally engaging and interesting industries.


Pulp and Paper Production Operator

Many of the jobs in this sector involve working with high-tech machinery and using a lot of skill and accuracy. The mills are large and diverse businesses, with people required to work in positions such as Recycled Paper Operators, Electricity Generation Technicians, Winder and Dry End Operators, Paper Production Operators, Steam Generation Technicians and Pulp Equipment Operators. There are also opportunities for Electricians, Fitters and Boiler operators in this sector.


Timber Production Technician

The sawmilling and processing sector is about harvesting logs and converting them into timber, flooring, decking and packing material. Many jobs are highly mechanised and rely on operators using computer technology.  A worker in this sector could expect to operate saws, chippers, forklifts, cranes or loaders, grade timber and manage quality control, undertake maintenance activities and operate a kiln/boiler.


Timber Products Manufacturer

Organisations in this sector can be involved in producing wall frames and roof trusses, or making windows and doors. A worker could expect to operate saws and presses, set jigs, assemble frames and trusses, and operate forklifts and coordinate the despatch of goods.


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