Food & Beverage Industrynsuar

The WA Food and Beverage sector is a dynamic and diverse industry.  Processing and manufacturing accounts for about 14% of WA manufacturing with a turnover of $5.5 billion. Predicted changes in economic activity over the next 10 years and the importance of food manufacturing within WA have seen the current government focus attention on engaging with the industry to improve its future capacity.  As a result, a number of exciting projects and initiatives are presently being supported, including:
  • Product differentiation
  • Accessing appropriate markets
  • Addressing the high cost of business environment
  • Accessing unskilled and skilled labour
  • Improving the attractiveness of the food industry
  • Sourcing reliable supplies of local ingredients
Over 50% of WA’s medium and small scale food processing operations are regionally based. Meat processors are primarily based in the South West and metropolitan area. 
Seafood industry operates around WA's coastline and has a large number of small businesses.  Medium to large business has involvement in processing, trawl and some aquaculture businesses.

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