About Amenity Horticulture
Amenity Horticulture is one of Australia's fastest-growing industries, closely linked to urban development and lifestyle. It includes maintaining parks, gardens, golf courses, as well as plant nurseries and landscaping.  Climate change is increasingly becoming a significant topic for this sector.
About Production Horticulture
Production Horticulture includes fruits, vegetables, beverage crops and nuts. The industry is widespread and product is grown in all high rainfall regions of Australia, and in many of the low rainfall areas under irrigation as well.
Compared with many other primary products, horticulture is relatively labour intensive, particularly when harvesting and packing. Many fresh-market fruits and some vegetables must be hand picked and treated carefully to avoid brusing and maintain a good appearance. Quality is of prime importance, particularly for products to be exported.
The horticulture industry has adopted new technology such as new irrigation techniques to allow more precise and efficient water use. Cultural practices are changing to make the industry more efficient, reducing costs, increasing yields, and improving fruit and vegetable quality.
Industry sectors are arboriculture, floriculture, landscape, turf, wholesale and retail nursery as well as parks and gardens.
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AHC10   Agricutlure, Horticulture and Conservation & Land Management


For further information on the Agricutlure, Horticulture and Conservation & Land Management training package visit AgriFood Skills Australia.

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