Amenity Horticulture

Amenity Horticulture is one of Australia's fastest-growing industries and is closely linked to urban development and lifestyle. It includes:
.  designing, establishing and maintaining parks & gardens, sporting grounds & golf courses and landscapes; 
.  arboriculture (tree care); and
.  wholesale & retail plant nurseries. 
Knowledge and skills in plant biology, soil management, fertilizer usage, weed & pest control, irrigation methods and chemical handling are generally required. Biosecurity and water management are important issues driving changes in the sector. 
Note: Production horticulture (eg producing fruit and vegetables) is covered under Rural Production.

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If you like working outdoors, Amenity Horticulture offers a wide range of jobs, including:
  • Gardener;
  • Greenkeeper;
  • Arborist;
  • Landscaper;
  • Irrigation Technician; 
  • Nursery Trades; 
  • Biologist/Botanist;  
  • Garden assistant; and 
  • Technical Officer.