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Featured in this issue: Registrations for the WA Training Awards 2018 are now open! Put yourself in the spotlight - apply today! Industry Advisory Group Meetings: Don’t miss your chance to influence your sector’s training agenda. The first meetings for 2018 start this week Skills Shortages: FFTITC is currently finalising advice to the WA Government on jobs that are difficult to fill. If you are aware of any current or looming skills shortages, please contact us Food Science and Technology: Skills Impact’s review of national qualifications is open for validation until 26 February Animal Care and Management: Skills Impact has announced a review of existing units of competency with regard to

FFTI Nimble News

Featured in this issue: Skill Priority Occupation List: We need your input! The survey closes on 15 February Retail Baking Training Package: The recently revised qualifications, skill sets and units of competency are now published on training.gov.au Ag Chemical Handling, Ag Machinery, Apiculture (Bees), Pest Management: Revised qualifications and units of competency are now available for your review and feedback until 8 February 2018 Building a Better Cow: A 1 day short course at Muresk which will challenge some thought processes producers hold regarding reproductive strategies and herd development Livestock School: An 8 day course at Muresk on the fundamentals of livestock handling and ca

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