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Food, Fibre & Timber Skills Network

Join one of our Skills Network Groups - and help make a difference for your industry


The Skills Network provides an opportunity for the food, fibre, and timber industries to influence decision making at the highest level of government on matters of training and workforce development.   


The Skills Network is an environment for stakeholders to collaborate, share information and discuss issues affecting labour and skill shortages in Western Australia.  The aim is to generate a united voice that resonates with industry and government to advance workforce development in the food, fibre and timber industries.  

Key Terms of Reference 

  • Raise issues of workforce development in a forum respectful of opinions and ideas.  

  • Collaborate openly and honestly to achieve the purpose of the Skills Network. 

  • Capture information and related industry intelligence on priority skills and workforce needs at the industry and enterprise levels. 

  • Identify industry trends and opportunities to enhance skills development and develop strategies/actions to address. 

  • Consider advocacy as a method of achieving improved workforce development opportunities. 

  • Assist in the identification of key industry directions that impact on training development and delivery, for example, innovative technology, emerging industry practice. 


Stand-up Meeting
Skills Network Groups

Six Network groups have been established, broadly based on the industry areas covered by the Training Council.  Network meetings are held twice a year with a combined forum held annually.

  • AgriHort Skills Network 

  • Green Skills Network 

  • Food and Drink Skills Network 

  • Fashion and Textile Skills Network 

  • Smart Manufacturing Skills Network 

  • Animal Care Skills Network 

  • Forestry Skills Network

Interested in joining one of our Skills Network Groups? Email: for more information.

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