Our Industry Advisory Network

We need to build and maintain industry networks and partnerships, so that we can gather industry intelligence on current and emerging industry trends and developments, as well as obtain feedback on industry skill needs, priorities and skill development issues for education and training in Western Australia.


Our Industry Advisory Network allows us to do this.  We have eight Industry Advisory Groups which provide a forum for Industry and RTO Stakeholders to share information, provide guidance and raise issues to the Training Council on matters that improve training and workforce development.  

It is important for the Training Council to have a strong and active network. 



Our Industry Advisory Groups:

Animal Care & Management

Conservation & Land Management

Food & Beverage & Seafood


Forest & Forest Products 


Rural Production

Textiles, Clothing, Footwear & Allied Services

If you have a passion for your industry and would like to make a difference (+ help us), please let us know.  

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