Rural Production

The rural/agricultural workforce has a high proportion of family-owned and managed businesses. Commercial farming is a small part of the total industry. It is mainly, but not entirely, in the dry-land pastoral regions of Australia.
There has been development towards specialisation in intensive animal industries. In the past many mixed farms were varied and grew relatively small amounts of several products, including plants and animals.  It is currently commonplace to focus on a minimal number of business activities that harmonise each other. This has helped to create more visible and rewarding career paths for a higher proportion of highly-skilled staff.
The specific character and high costs of farming machinery have created opportunities for people to specialise. Contract harvesters and sprayers are examples of highly skilled operators using modern equipment to provide a service at a cheaper rate and in a more timely fashion than the farmers themselves. 
Industry sectors are beef, cotton, crutching, dairy, goats, grains, horse breeding, irrigation milk harvesting, poultry, production horticulture, rural business,rural business management, rural merchandising, shearing, sheep and wool, sugar cane, wool harvesting.
The rural production industry offers a diverse and interesting range of rewarding career opportunities. People wishing to pursue a career in the industry can chose to work in the following careers.
  • Farmers
  • Rural Business Manager
  • Farm Managers
  • Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmers
  • Beef Cattle Farm Worker 
  • Dairy Cattle Farm Worker 
  • Mixed Livestock Farm Worker 
  • Stud Manager
  • Jackaroo/Jillaroo
  • Poultry Farm Worker 
  • Sheep Farm Worker 
  • Stable hand 
  • Shearer
  • Wool Handler 
  • Wool Classer
  • Livestock Farm Workers  
  • Heavy Vehicle Motor Mechanic
  • Rural Heavy Vehicle Operator
  • Stock and Station Agent
  • Primary Products Inspector

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