Seafood Industry

About the Industry
The seafood industry comprises businesses engaged in aquaculture, fisheries compliance, fishing charters and operations, seafood processing, sales and distribution. Estimates of recent growth suggest that the value of the manufactured seafood sector has risen by 11.6 per cent per year between 2001/02 and 2006/07.
In summary the:
  • aquaculture sector includes work undertaken by field hands, leading hands, technicians, supervisors, quality assurance officers, operations managers and aquaculture business managers. The sector covers temperate and tropical operations and includes pearling and crocodile farms and land-based, water-based and hatchery operations.
  • fisheries compliance sector includes work undertaken by fisheries compliance officers, supervisors, managers and compliance support officers in indigenous Australian communities.
  • fishing sector includes work undertaken by deckhands, fishers, skippers of fishing vessels, managers of fishing operations, business managers, divers and fishing charter operators.
  • seafood processing and seafood sales and distribution sector includes work undertaken by basic and skilled process workers, leading hands, distributors, seafood retailers and wholesalers, supervisors, managers and seafood importers and exporters.

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