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FFTI Nimble News 8 Jan 2018

Featured in this issue:


Have your say on Workforce and Skills Development for your industries

How? Join one of our Industry Advisory Groups – It’s free!

Why? To provide us with feedback on skill development issues within your industry and to be part of our network.

When? We only meet a few times of the year, otherwise contact is via email.

For us to be able to do our work, we need input from industry. The industries we cover are listed below.

  • Animal Care & Management;

  • Conservation & Land Management;

  • Food & Beverage Production;

  • Forest & Forest Products;

  • Furnishing;

  • Amenity Horticulture

  • Rural Production;

  • Textiles, Clothing, Footwear & Allied Services; and

  • Seafood.

For more information on Industry Advisory Groups, click here


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