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State Priority Occupation List - Summary of outcomes 26 Aug 2019

A big thank you to all those who contributed to our Priority Occupations Survey and Industry Advisory Group discussions earlier this year.

The State Priority Occupation List 2019 has now been released by the Department of Training and Workforce Development.

The State Priority Occupation List (SPOL) is a list of occupations rated according to their priority status for the State. Its main use is to help guide the annual purchasing of around $460 million of publicly-funded training in Western Australia, and in particular which qualifications receive additional subsidies via the Priority Industry Qualification List.

The list also helps inform the:

  1. State Training Plan;

  2. Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List;

  3. Graduate Occupation List;

  4. Employment Incentives Scheme;

  5. Workforce development planning and other work across the Department;

  6. SPOL data also informs the Jobs and Skill Centre occupational profiles

Here are the occupations under our coverage that are listed in the SPOL:

If you want to get a more detailed look at the information and data for each occupation, please click here. For more information about any of these occupations contact us on 08 9361 2800 or visit: State Priority Occupation List

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