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FFTI Nimble News 15 Nov 2019

The Food, Fibre and Timber Industries Training Council use Nimble News as an information

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Drones help track wildfires, count wildlife and map plants: New article on drone use in forestry.

What is a training package?

The units of competency, skill sets and qualifications for a particular occupation/industry (or related industry sectors) are grouped together into ‘Training Packages’.

Do employers use training?

51% of employers used the VET system in 2019.

Scholarship opportunity for leadership training in the South West

The Australian Rural Leadership Foundation is offering 24 funded positions to deliver the Leadership for Our Regions program in South West WA. The 8 day, two-session program is offered to individuals from SW WA.

NCVER Webinar: the dynamics of qualifications: implications for VET

Join NCVER as they discuss changes in VET qualification and occupation profiles, qualification vs occupation, and what this means for VET. Tuesday 10 December 11 am AWST

New Report from Griffith University:

Enhancing the status of vocational education and the occupations it serves.

CSIRO Report – Higher Education and Employment in Australia:

The Impact of Internships. Courses with a work component had better graduate employment outcomes across all fields of study.

2019 Honey Bee Health Survey:

The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council, Plant Health Australia and AgriFutures Australia, encourage all Australian beekeepers to take part in this survey.

Red and processed meat:

How bad for us is it?

How to communicate with forestry stakeholders and the community:

Seminar to be provided by the Institute of Foresters of Australia (IFA) on 5 December in Canberra.

Responsible Wood’ Spring Bulletin is now available:

Articles include one on the WA Wood Encouragement Policy.

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