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FFTI Nimble News 2 Dec 2019

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Member list of the new national furniture Industry Reference Committee (IRC):

The IRC is responsible for reviewing national furniture qualifications and competencies.

Industrial Sewing Skill Set Consultation:

Stage 2 is now open

Interesting video put out by Job Active:

What is the future of work? Have you ever wondered if a robot will take your job?

COAG Skills Council Communiqué:

November 2019 The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Skills Council (the Council) recently met in Brisbane to agree on an ambitious approach to enhancing vocational education and training (VET)

Free, online timber flooring education modules:

The 7 new modules are provided by WoodSolutions to help the construction and design industries work more confidently when installing timber flooring.

Improving native vegetation management:

Western Australia's unique ecology and extraordinary biodiversity are vital to our State's character, culture and economy. The WA Government is seeking input from the community to shape the Native Vegetation Policy.

Animal welfare legislation:

An independent panel reviewing the WA Animal Welfare Act 2002 is set to hold four public forums to hear the views of industry and the community first-hand. The Act covers both livestock and companion animals.

Worried about the Impact of automation on Jobs:

It’s more likely that new technologies like AI will replace tasks, not entire jobs. Especially tasks that are easier, programmable, unsafe and/or mundane tasks. This in turn may create new jobs and tasks. See Video

Agricultural colleges:

What is their future? See Beef Central’s special report.

Fishtech & aquabotics:

Yes that’s right. Skills Impact has developed 10 new units of competency and revised numerous other Units to guide training in working with new technologies in the aquaculture sector. They include aquabotics, remotely operated vehicles, underwater drones and biosensors. Provide your feedback now.


Skills Impact is working with industry to update and develop skills standards for working with crocodiles. Contact Skills Impact if you're interested and work in this field and wish to contribute to the project.

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