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Welcome to 2020 and our new look Nimble News. We hope you find the information we share with you, valuable.

We are starting the year off with some important research and need your feedback on Skilled Labour Shortages. If you are aware of any skill shortages or difficulties filling skilled job vacancies, please complete our short survey. Click here. If you don’t like surveys, please give us a call. We appreciate your assistance.


School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships:

The Department of Training and Workforce Development has produced a new guide which provides information on school-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SBATs).

Small business workshops:

The Small Business Development Corporation runs a series of workshops for small business owners. Costs are minimal. Presenters are experts in their fields

Cabinet Making:

Impact of the downturn in cabinet making on local economies and communities.

ABARES Outlook 2020 conference:

Department of Agriculture Canberra is exploring the practical steps to reaching what some call an ambitious target - $100 billion in farm output by 2030. March 3-4 2020.

My Fashion Incubator:

A program that provides migrants with fashion business skills to enable them to start, grow or improve their fashion, creative or TCF related small business in Western Australia.

Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing:

Workers in this field require unique skills to manufacture and distribute delicate products reliant on living organisms. If you'd like to be involved in defining the skills standards for this sector, please register your interest.

Webinar Circular Economy and Sustainability:

Are you interested in developing more sustainable business practices, but are unsure of how and when to start? Register now for the #BelmontBEC Circular Economy and Sustainability Live Webinar, only $20

Artisanal Foods qualifications:

A new Certificate in Artisan Fermented Products (such as beer and kombucha) and New Diploma of Artisan Cheesemaking have just been nationally approved.

Pet Care & Animal Training:

Work has commenced on a national review of the General Animal Studies, Companion Animal Services, Pet Grooming and Animal Control and Regulation qualifications and related units of competency. Perth information workshop is Wednesday 26 February 2020.

Skilled Migration:

The Australian Government is responding to changing workforce needs by inviting stakeholders to provide their feedback in the review of the skilled migration occupation lists. Stakeholders have until 12 February 2020 to provide feedback.

Shearing Traineeship Level 2:

Following industry requests, the duration of this Traineeship has been increased from 6 months to 9 months and is now also available to school students.

WA Farmers Boot Camp to Employment:

3 day course for young people focussing on new agricultural technologies including drones, precision control technology and agricultural machinery operation. 23-25 June at Muresk.

Permaculture agriculture:

With all the recent developments in sustainable and renewable approaches to farming, there has been a big uptake in permaculture training in WA. Permaculture is a design approach based on the observations of natural systems. Its aim is a productive, sustainable system with minimum energy input, where the interaction of different elements including light, wind, warmth, water, nutrients and infrastructure.

Regenerative Agriculture:

Is more than just developing sustainability. It’s about restoring natural ecological systems, improving farm productivity and reducing external farm inputs.

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