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Important: COVID-19 Information for Workplaces. The Australian Government has released several resources, fact sheets, guidance documents, down to industry level to assist workplaces in implementing COVID safe work practices.

Latest News on JobKeeper Payments: The Australian Government has updated some of the eligibility requirements as well as information on how to enrol for the Jobkeeper Payment.

Information on support for small businesses: The Small Business Development Corporation has a page “Dealing with Coronavirus” that has lots of resources and information put out by government and other support services.

Workplace relations advice for employment impacted by COVID-19 Coronavirus: This information I relevant to employers and employees in the WA state industrial system – that is sole traders, unincorporated partrnerships and trusts, and some incorporated or not for profit organisations.

Free advice on resume writing and interview skills, and career guidance: Jobs and Skills Centres are one-stop shops for careers, training and employment advice and assistance. Services are free, and accessible to all members of the community.

For teachers: Great curriculum resources – Where’s our food come from? Australian Farmers has compiled a selection of the best learning resources available to let children know where their food comes from.

Expression of Interest for membership of new ASQA Stakeholder Liaison Group: Applications are now open for RTO’s to register their expression of interest in joining a new Stakeholder Liaison Group for the training regulator - Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

For RTOs - New Training Accreditation Council Fact Sheet: The Training Accreditation Council has published information to support RTOs consider a range of delivery modes to continue meeting the needs of their learners and clients.

Something a bit different “The Power of Pets” How pets can boost social and emotional development in children.

For RTOs - NCVER Vocational Voices: NCVER has a number of short podcasts from leading experts discussing current trends in vocational education and training.

For RTOs - NCVER’s No Frills Conference: It’s happening. The 29th National VET Research Conference ‘No Frills’ conference originally planned for Perth is now online for the first time ever. 7-10 July 2020, so save that date!

We hope that this has been of some assistance.

Food, Fibre and Timber Industries Training Council

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