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Nominate for the Australian Training Awards 17 Jun 2020

This year, the WA Training Awards was cancelled due to COVID 19, however the National Awards which is held later in the year is going ahead.

Generally, individual categories, e.g. Apprentice of the Year are awarded at State Level and then move onto the National Awards. Unfortunately, this is not going to occur this year ☹.

However, there are still SEVEN categories in which WA individual and businesses can participate.

You can apply directly to the Australian Training Awards for:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award -Individual

  • National Achievement Award -Individual

  • Excellence in Language. Literacy and Numeracy Practice Award - Individual

  • Small Employer of the Year Award (NSW and WA only) -Organisation

  • Australian Apprenticeships – Employer Award - Organisation

  • International Training Provider of the Year Award - Organisation

  • School Pathways to VET Award- Organisation

You can apply for these categories directly through the Australian Training Awards website. For information on how to apply, click here. You will also find all eligibility and criteria requirements on the website.

Be great to see recognition for excellence in vocational education and training.

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