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Day 1 - National Skills Week 23 Aug 2021

Interesting Facts about Vocational Training

Did you know that every VET qualification is developed around a job role?

So when you learn a VET qualification, you learn skills that needed for a specific job.

  • A Certificate II in Agriculture contains the skills needed to be an assistant farm or station hand (entry level skills, works under supervision)

  • A Certificate III in Agriculture contains the skills to be a farm or station hand (doesn’t need supervision and can work independently)

  • And a Diploma of Agriculture contain the skills to be a farm production manager; farm manager. (managers production, analyse information and makes decisions)

So when you learn a VET qualification, you learn specific skills for a specific job.

One difference between university and VET qualifications – to obtain a VET qualification you have to ‘do’ the task that you have just learnt – preferably in a work place or a simulated work environment.

So, if you are doing a Certificate III in Forest Growing and Management and completing the unit “Control plant pests, diseases and disorders”, you have to:

· demonstrate that you have assessed the pests, diseases and disorders;

· plan the control methods,

· implement the control measures and

· demonstrate that you have monitored the pests, diseases and control methods.

What’s the best way of learning?

The best way to learn any skill is to learn the theory, practice it a few times and then apply it in an actual workplace.

If you learn something in a classroom and don’t get to apply it, you may not be able to perform it on actual workplace equipment, you might not be able to do it to workplace standards and the outcome might not be what the workplace wants or needs.

That’s why apprenticeships and traineeships are important to the VET sector. Apprentices and Trainees get the best of both worlds – they learn through an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) and they also learn in the workplace. And they get to ‘do’ in both.

Please contact the FFTITC team if you'd like to know more



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