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FFTITC Nimble News 5th July 2021

How can we improve our Nimble News?

We know you are all busy and newsletters are often not particularly relevant to your day to day work. At times, you may ignore them (I know I sometimes do!)

Our aim with Nimble News is to provide you with information that we believe will add value to your work. But we are aware that some of you don’t click on any of the links.

So, we need your help. If you have an opinion or suggestion, we’d like to hear it. Please click here and we will contact you for a chat. Thanks in advance!!


Other Nimble News Stories:

Job Opportunity @ Food, Fibre and Timber Industries Training Council

Job Ready Connect: Connecting job ready workers and employers

New support for secondary school students, parents and schools

So many workshops for Small Business Owners.

Plan to be Work Safe

Changes to Superannuation

Webinar: Workforce of the Future: Getting the Qualifications Right.

Agriculture visa to secure labour force for farmers

Digital Strategy for the Western Australian Government 2021-2025

Training Package review: Using Advanced Materials and Emerging Technologies in the Circular Economy Project

Something a bit different: The little beetle packing a ‘dung’ big punch

For RTOs – Full Update from Skills Impact June 2021

We hope that this has been of some assistance.


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