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Nimble News 22nd November 2021

Have your Say! VET qualifications available to school students

Each year the Department of Training and Workforce Development provides advise to schools and others about which VET qualifications are available to school students and comments on their suitability. It details industries preferences, the different pathways and any training delivery issues.

We are starting work on the 2023 Register. Have a look at the 2022 Register and see if the advice in it can be improved. If yes, give us a call.


Arboriculture Apprenticeship

FFTITC is currently working with industry on a proposal to update the current Arborist Traineeship to an Apprenticeship, increase the nominal duration and make it available to school students. Contact Paul Etheredge for any queries.

For career practitioners Myfuture Webinar: What is labour market information? 9 December @ 1pm AWST:

Discussion on the importance of accessing up-to-date labour market information when supporting students to discover workforce trends, skill requirements and job vacancies to help them make informed education, training or career decisions.

Media Statement “Making it easier for interstate skilled workers to work in WA”

The McGowan Government introduced the Mutual Recognition (Western Australia) Amendment Bill 2021. The scheme allows a person who is registered or licensed for an occupation in another jurisdiction to perform the same work in WA without applying for recognition or paying a fee.

Improving Pest Management Workshop – Bunbury

Join NGIWA EO, Matthew Lunn and special guest presenters Steve Blyth (Plant Protection Officer, GIA) and Cezar Moreas (Biological Services) for the latest on horticultural pest management.

New NCVER Report: Employers’ use and views of the VET system

This infographic provides a snapshot of employers’ use and views of the VET system in 2021 and makes a comparison to 2019. It includes Australian employers use of training as well as satisfaction with the VET system.

Is your organisation contactable in an emergency?

There are many benefits to keeping your business contact details current, especially during bushfire and storm season. During emergencies or natural disasters, emergency services and government agencies use ABN details to identify businesses in affected areas that might need help or support.

Date Saver + Call for Abstracts NCVER No Frills 2022.

No Frills will be held 6-8 July 2022 in Melbourne The theme is VET’s role in transforming the future. NCVER is seeking presentations that discuss how VET not only adapts but anticipates and activates change in response to Australia's shifting future skill demands.

Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring Program

Connects farmers and people in the agriculture industry from across Australia to share trusted advice and help tackle common challenges associated with drought, climate change, wellbeing and agricultural practice.

Australian Native and Bush Food Project 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have gathered, grown, harvested and consumed Australian native foods for tens of thousands of years. The sector is increasing in size, with 87% of businesses projecting they will expand over the next five years, and new businesses continually opening around Australia. Skills Impact are currently grappling with developing the national training framework to support businesses to develop native and bush foods.

Something a bit different…. CSIRO Vodcast “Making sense of taste”

In this vodcast, we meet CSIRO scientists who work in the complex area of sensory and consumer science. They measure our food preferences, our sense of taste and smell and our ability to perceive texture.

Qualifications in meat safety, quality assurance, and leadership

Have been reviewed and updated to include updated skills for tracking and traceability, and quality assurance and safety. There are some significant changes. Drafts are now available.

We hope that this has been of some assistance.

Food, Fibre and Timber Industries Training Council

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