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What is Workforce Planning?





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Workforce planning and development is the process of determining your business’s skills and workforce needs in response to changing demographic, economic and labour market conditions and other challenges that this brings. 


It involves having a critical look at your current workforce, the environment you are working in and then designing and delivering strategies, policies and actions that maximise opportunities for building, attracting and retaining a skilled and capable workforce.

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Developing your workforce


Workforce planning is a process, and as with any other process it is helpful to look at it as a series of steps ~ each with an output that leads towards successful completion.


Step 1 Business context and environment

Step 2 Current Workforce Profile

Step 3 Future Workforce Requirements

Step 4 Analyse and fill the gap

Step 5 Review and evaluate your action plan


Click here for some very clear and helpful advice. 

here is also a template to help develop your Workplace action plan. 


For other workforce planning tools, click here


Need some further assistance?

The FFTITC team is very knowledgeable about workforce planning and development.  Please click here to see how we can help you and then give us a call on 08 9361 2800

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