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What we do

We provide strategic information and advice to the WA Government on industry workforce development and training needs including skill shortages. We make recommendations to the State Training Board to support our industries skill development needs.

Every day, the organisation engages with people who have a vested interest in workforce and skill development to gather and report on current and emerging industry trends and developments and obtain feedback on industry skill needs, priorities and skill development issues, concerns or suggestions for funded training in Western Australia.



We want our industries to grow!
Our Vision

For the Food, Fibre and Timber Industries to have a workforce development environment that encourages growth and innovation for today and for the future

Our Mission Statement

To provide the WA government with high-level strategic advice and leadership on the workforce development needs of the Food, Fibre and Timber industries and to influence positive policy and funding solutions.

Our Service Deliverables

Click here for our deliverables and service activities.  

Good advice influences decision making!


We let the WA government know about:

  • Any skill and labour shortages our industries are experiencing.

  • Apprenticeship and traineeship issues

  • Problems about skills development and access to training

  • The skills our industries need. 

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