Who we are

As a not-for-profit incorporated body, the purpose of the Food, Fibre and Timber Industries Training Council is to provide advice to Government on behalf of industry, and ensure all nationally recognised training programs and packages reflect the current and future needs within the industries. We also ensure that the quality of this training remains at the highest level and advocate the benefits of participating in and supporting training.

Every day, the organisation engages with people who have a vested interest in workforce and skill development to gather and report on current and emerging industry trends and developments and obtain feedback on industry skill needs, priorities and skill development issues, concerns or suggestions for funded training in Western Australia.



Our Structure

We are governed by a Board consisting of an equal representation of members from across our industry sectors.  The Training Council employees staff who coordinate and manage the projects and activities that arise from our eight Industry Advisory Groups.


The information gathered through these groups and the industry associations is delivered to the Department of Training and Workforce Development, the State Training Board, and the Minister for Training, making the Industry Advisory Groups an excellent vehicle for industry to be heard in regard to training issues.  For further details please refer to our constitution.