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Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is an important component of business planning. It involves:

  • identifying the skills, capability and capacity of your current workforce;

  • forecasting the skills, capacity and capability of the workforce you will need to meet your future business goals;

  • identifying any ‘gap’ between your current workforce and your projected future workforce needs;

  • using this collective information to identify and plan actions you will need to take to fill any ‘gaps’ between the two workforces; and

  • documenting these actions in a workforce action plan.

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How we can help you.

Our team has expertise in vocational education and training and has also researched and developed many industry workforce development plans.  We understand the value of workforce planning and knowledge of methodology and tools.   


  • We can help identify your industry's skill and workforce needs.   

  • We can help identify and develop innovative approaches to industry skill development needs.

  • We can help businesses develop a Workforce Plan.

  • We can help you undertake a training needs analysis for your business.


We can also direct you to tools, resources and business support service providers.

If you want any assistance or have a question, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Phone 08 9361 2800.

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