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Review: MST Buying Skills in Fashion & Textiles Project 2018 - 1st Round

Update: The timeline for feedback has been extended to COB Friday, 31 August 2018.

IBSA is seeking feedback on proposed changes related to the MST Training Package as follows:

Overview The 2018 Buying Skills in Fashion and Textiles project involves:

  • Review of 2 qualifications – MST50116 Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising, MST60116 Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising; development of 1 new skill set unit and 1 new unit; and the review of 15 existing units to provide a targeted specialised buying focus to meet industry needs. Draft amendments to the 15 units are attached.

  • Strengthening the alignment between required skills, units and the qualifications to improve job outcomes

  • Strengthening key buying skills, analytical skills and spread sheet literacy, along with improved foundation skills including mathematical literacy for buyers to ensure a successful and profitable buying program is achieved

All content has been updated to reflect current industry practice and to comply with the National Standards for Training Packages.


To access the documents


The outcome of this work is that:

  • there is a clearly defined focus for learners seeking buying skills, or a career in buying

  • units are easier to read and understand, and

  • assessment requirements and knowledge have been strengthened to meet industry needs

Providing feedback To provide your feedback, please complete the Feedback Form and return to by Friday 24th August 2018 and 'Cc' us with a copy to

  1. Please add the name of the discussion paper in the subject line of the email; and

  2. Provide both feedback regarding further suggested changes as well as your agreement with what has been proposed. It is just as important to receive feedback that you agree with the proposed changes as it is to provide feedback with suggested changes.

For more information please contact David Galbraith from IBSA Manufacturing on

M: 0499 490 329 or 03 9815 7099.

Time Frame:

  1. Feedback on Round 1 drafts until 24 August 2018;

  2. The Training Advisory Committee/IBSA to review the feedback and develop Round 2 drafts;

  3. Consultation and feedback on Round 2 drafts from 21 September to 5 October 2018;

  4. Review of Round 2 feedback and development of the final version;

  5. Submission of the final version to the Australian Industry Skills Committee.

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