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Workplace Gender Equality (28/2/24)

In case you are wondering why gender pay equality has been in the news recently, it’s because the Workplace Gender Equality Amendment (Closing the Gender Pay Gap) bill 2023, led to the publication of gender pay gap data from nearly 5000 Australian businesses (every private company employing 100 employees or more).


We've collected a range of interesting online articles and resources to help you get clued up on this issue, and learn what steps to take to address inequality.

For a deep dive into the newly published data, check out the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s Data Explorer tool, as well as the rest of the website which is a treasure trove of data and resources for employers wishing to address gender equality.

For a quick check of how an individual company has scored, use the Guardian's Pay Gap Explorer.

Gender Equity Insights 2023 is a detailed annual report published by Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre (BCEC) and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). They looked at the gender equality strategies at nearly 4,800 Australian employers to determine what factors are accelerating change and closing gender pay gaps.

For a quick read: In 2019 a toilet paper mill in South Australia employed just 12 women in a workforce of 300. Today they employ 60 women. How did they do it? Find out here.

Other useful online resources

Women’s Agenda

Australian HR Institute

Report: Break Down Gender Biases

International Women’s Day website.


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