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Blog 5 February 2024 - CEO Departure

Message from Kay:

After nearly 15 years with the FFTITC, I have decided it's time to move on. My last day is the 28th March.

I have been with the FFTITC , since its inception in May 2009 and have thoroughly enjoyed leading it. It’s a great job dealing with industry about their training and workforce needs and then hopefully make a difference to their sector. 

I've had the opportunity to learn so much and I've met some fantastic people, who I will really miss.  We have such a fabulous network and dealing with everyone has probably been the highlight of the job.  As a member of that network, I'd like to thank you for your support.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing but will be transitioning to retirement and perhaps taking on some consultancy work or other part time work.   In the short term I’m going to take a couple of months off. 

All the best for the future!

Kay Gerard



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