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A boost for rural and regional Australia 6 Nov 2018

Are you a Baker, Butcher, Cabinetmaker, Arborist, Floor Finisher, Furniture Finisher, Glazier, Landscape Gardener, Shearer, Pastrycook, Upholsterer or Wood Machinist working in rural or regional WA?

Then you need to know about the new (and temporary) wage subsidy for taking on an apprentice. Businesses who employ a new employee as a full-time Apprentice in one of these occupations (there are others) may be eligible for a new additional wage subsidy.

  • The business must have not previously employed an Australian Apprentice; or

  • have not employed an Australian Apprentice in the three year period prior to 1 January 2019.

If you have any queries relating to this, please contact:

Kay Gerard

t: 08 9361 2800

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