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2022 - Year in Review (14 Dec 2022)

2022 has been a bit of a challenging year for the Food, Fibre and Timber Industries Training Council (and probably most of our industries as well). It’s ironic that we report to government on skill shortages, and we were facing some as well.

We had long term staff leave us and difficulties in finding people to take their place. Our Industry Consultants have a unique skill set – they need to be very experienced in industry engagement, know a fair bit about the VET industry and a sound level of research and analysis skills. Not a lot of people around that can fit those needs!

So it was about 8 months in total, that we had at least one vacancy!

However, at the time of writing this, I am very pleased to advise that we now have a full staff contingent. We have Julia Fitzgerald, as our Team Support Officer; Tamara Boaden, Industry Consultant for the forestry, furniture and textiles sector, and Diane Smith who looks after agriculture, food production, animal care and horticulture. So we are looking forward to a very productive 2023!!

Some of the highlights of 2022

  • We responded to a total of 52 official requests for information from the State Training Board and the Department of Training and Workforce Development

  • We commented on 41 occupations for 2022's Jobs and Employment Survey

  • We provided advice on 22 Training Package projects

  • We established a new apprenticeship in Arboriculture as well as amending three others.

  • We worked closely with several industry associations, including

    • Australian Glass and Window Association

    • Irrigation Australia

    • Arb West

    • Forestry Industry Federation of WA

    • Australian Timber Flooring Association

    • TCFWA

    • WA Furniture Making Australia

  • Our Board has been very active in reviewing our Stakeholder Networks, developing a new strategic plan and improving general governance.

  • We have a record 828 organisations on our Client Management System with 1306 active individuals. This is our network and one that we value highly!

  • We had a very successful AGM and Disability Confidence forum with over 50 attendees. Feedback was very positive and hopefully we made a small difference to the disability community. More to come in that area.

So, all in all, considering that we were understaffed for a fair chunk of 2022, it’s been a very positive and rewarding year. I’d like to thank all our industry and RTO stakeholders who provide us with really good input. I’d also like to thank staff members (old and new) for their contribution. And a big thank you to our Chair Darren Culverwell, for his support and of course our remaining board members, for their continued input.

We wish everyone a very safe and happy Christmas. And look forward to working with you all in the new year. Bring on 2023!!!



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