FFTITC Nimble News 19th July 2021

New WA Adult Apprentice Employer Incentive

An additional $6,700 per annum for employers of adult (21+yrs) apprentices (not trainees) commencing on or after 1 July 2021.

Click through to Jobs and Skills WA for more information:https://www.jobsandskills.wa.gov.au/aaei


Other Nimble News Stories:

New National VET System arrangements

Skills Ministers have committed to the creation of new industry clusters with a broad range of responsibilities (not limited to training package review and development). The new clusters will replace the current Industry Reference Committees and Skills Service Organisations by December 2022.

New Employer Advisory Service for small business

FairWork has established a new service which provides eligible small businesses with free tailored advice about pay and entitlements.

Carbon Farming and Land Restoration:

New WA Government's $15 million program to sequester carbon in the landscape and contribute environmental, social, economic and sustainability benefits to the farming industry.

Animal welfare in emergencies grant program

The WA Government collaborating with the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) to deliver a grant program aimed at local governments improving their preparedness and response in emergencies as it related to animals and their welfare.

Western Australian Export Awards

Businesses across the State are being encouraged to enter. The awards recognise businesses for the significant contribution they make to both the State and national economies.

WA Migration Lists

The WA Government has just published the latest list of occupations that are supported by it for migration into WA.

Career Directions returns to Northam

Jobs, training and education, employment and job support information to help local people plan and navigate their career journeys. Great opportunity for industry to promote their opportunities.

Understanding slip resistance

In Australia there are a significant number of accidents from slips, trips and falls. Occupational health and safety requirements outline duties for safe designs including the specification and supply of floor surfaces.

Vertical Gardens in Cities Can Help Reduce Stress Levels

With urbanisation, more people are expected to be living in urban areas. It is important for urban planners to incorporate greenlife.

Get involved with National Skills Week 2021

National Skills Week (August 23-29) will again set out to bring to life the positive messages, highlighting the talents, the skills, the career pathways and the value of apprentices and trainees across Australia to the wider public and employers.

We hope that this has been of some assistance.

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