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The TAKE 21 May 2021

Welcome to "The TAKE" a new initiative by the Food, Fibre and Timber Industries Training Council.

The TAKE will be a series of videos focusing on providing information to industry and businesses who may like to learn more about working with young people and schools.

The first series of videos introduces you to two professionals in the Education sector Bruce Sherborne and Jacqui Read-Smith, so please watch their videos and learn more about them before we delve into some key take-aways for industry and businesses in subsequent episodes.

Video 1 - Introduction by Janine Blake, Industry Consultant FFTITC

Video 2 - Bruce Sherborn, Manager Engagement and Transitions

Find out about Bruce Sherborn, Manager Engagement and Transitions for the Department of Education in the North Metropolitan area of Perth. Bruce takes us on his career journey and how he came to be in his current role - quite appropriate for his first video during National Careers Week!

Video 3 - Jacqui Read-Smith, VET Coordinator

Find out about Jacqui Read-Smith, Vocational Education and Training Coordinator and Registered Training Organisation Manager in Bunbury. Jacqui takes us all over the world with her career experiences and lets us know about her role now at Newton Moore SHS

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