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The year that was 22 Dec 2020

Throughout the pandemic, we were regularly reporting to the State Training Board on the ongoing impact of COVID 19. This information was distributed throughout several government agencies and informed the Skills Ready campaign and the WA COVID Recovery Plan. Face to face meetings were replaced by lots of phone calls and Zoom meetings but in the last few months, we have been pleased to be able to meet with people face to face again.

We provided 3 major industry updates between April and June 2020. And, as information and potential issues came to us, we also provided briefing papers on:

  • Forestry Issues and potential skill sets

  • Production Horticulture labour issues

  • Infection Control for Laundry and Dry Cleaning and potential skill sets

  • Potential skill shortages for Assistant Winemakers and skill sets that could be used to upskill people

  • The impact of apprentice fees on the furniture and cabinet making industries

  • Potential skill sets for wool handlers and shearers

  • Entry level cabinet making skillset.

As well as this work, we had our normal key deliverables. We provided:

  • Research for Industry Profiles (trends, shortages, barriers to training and employment)

  • Submissions to either Establish or Vary an Apprenticeship and/or Traineeships (x 6)

  • Input into state responses to Federal Government initiatives.

  • Input into Regional Labour Market Reviews

  • Advice on pre-apprenticeship policy impacts of COVID 19.

  • Advice to the Apprenticeship office

  • Assistance with judging for the WA Training Awards

  • Research for Skilled Priority Occupation List for 2020

  • Advice on nominal hours for new qualifications

  • Advice on Case for Endorsements for new qualifications

  • Advice on business rules for Pre-apprenticeships

  • Input into the VET for Secondary School Students Register

So, 2020 will be remembered as a year of challenges and uncertainty.

In closing, we would like to recognise and thank our industry stakeholders – it has not been easy and yet, you are all still committed about wanting a highly trained workforce. We would like to wish you all a safe and happy festive season and wish you all the best for 2021.

The Food, Fibre and Timber Industries Training Council Team



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